Alexandru Moroșan


I am originally from Romania, living in Northern Ireland and I have been testing software for over ten years in both the private and public sectors.

I advocate for a context-driven approach to testing, where we do the best testing we can and cope with new or unforeseen situations by increasing our knowledge of test techniques and understanding how to evaluate each project’s context. I am a strong believer that continuous self-learning and adaptability are the only ways to become a good, competent tester nowadays.

I enjoy the outdoors and try to spend as much time as possible hiking, cycling and playing outside with my kids, regardless of the Irish weather. When I get some time to myself I like to read fantasy fiction and to keep up with new scientific discoveries.


My Sessions

Alexandru Moroșan Talk | Slice your cake and eat it too – how to deliver value and get quick feedback

The speaker will share an alternative approach to problem solving that is focused around mitigating risk and learning and to demonstrate how the quality of our conversations determine the quality of our product.
Recommended for: Junior testers, Mid testers, Senior testers & leads, managers.

Talk Room 2