Andrei Antal

Senior Frontend Engineer

Andrei is an Angular consultant and a front-end developer. He’s a java-script ecosystem enthusiast and community activist with a passion for building usable, accessible and high performance web experiences.
He also teaches java-script and Angular development in both enterprise and community workshops and is a co-founder of JSLeague (https://www.jsleague.ro/). In his free time, he organizes the Bucharest Angular community – ngBucharest.

My Sessions

Sustainable end-to-end tests for Angular applications with Protractor and TypeScript

Protractor is the standard testing framework for writing end-to-end tests within your Angular application. In this workshop, we’ll test a real Angular application with a working API backend and we’ll cover most aspects of what it takes to write a robust suite of e2e tests that adhere to best programming practices and get to know […]

4hWorkshop Automation

Open Panel – Trends in testing

Time flies, business are changing and technology is in the front seat of this ride. Working daily in a field where something on fire today can be outdated tomorrow, it’s important to know the trends, to adapt fast so you can make your life easier. So, let’s find what are the latest trends in testing […]