Andrei Antal

Senior Frontend Engineer

Andrei is an Angular consultant and a front-end developer. He’s a java-script ecosystem enthusiast and community activist with a passion for building usable, accessible and high performance web experiences.
He also teaches java-script and Angular development in both enterprise and community workshops and is a co-founder of JSLeague (https://www.jsleague.ro/). In his free time, he organizes the Bucharest Angular community – ngBucharest.

My Sessions

Sustainable end-to-end tests for Angular applications with Protractor and TypeScript

Protractor is the standard testing framework for writing end-to-end tests within your Angular application. In this workshop, we’ll test a real Angular application with a working API backend and we’ll cover most aspects of what it takes to write a robust suite of e2e tests that adhere to best programming practices and get to know […]

Automation Full Day Tutorial