Ard Kramer

 As a speaker I love to make connections between different fields of knowledge such as IT and sport and making connection with people because we can learn so much from each other.
I am also trainer for Alten and in sport (volleyball) and at this moment I am giving the workshop The Ultimate Test Story (together with Beren van Daele) using the TestSphere cards (see also the slides below)Besides working as test consultant I am also active in different organizations such as
– Chairman of the foundation for cultural education in my hometown Barendrecht
– Member of the council fo the Dutch Volleyball Association (NeVoBo)
– All kinds of other things in volleyball (coach, referee)
– Chairman of CultuurLocaal, responsible for cultural education (music, theater) in Barendrecht
– Chairman of the committee for the monuments in my home town Barendrecht.

My Sessions

Beware the Pickle

8x8 (Carravagio)

Cucumbers get more pickled than brine gets cucumbered. – Prescott’s Pickle Principle What happens when you travel across Europe in search of ‘The Ultimate Test Story? Well… We’ve done just that! 10 workshops across Poland, Romania, France, the UK, The Netherlands, Ireland,… Can you imagine the kinds of experiences, learnings and tales we’ve encountered? We […]