Ariciuc Trufin-Razvan

I’m an experienced tester (5+ years) with a degree computer science
Trough the different projects I’ve been part of I’ve gained experience in manual testing, automated test execution and testing/quality process improvement and adoption.
I’ve tested desktop application / web application worked on small project and large enterprise solutions.
I’m also actively involved in Iaşi Testing Community where I’ve organized and help workshops, study groups and meet ups.
I like to consider myself, a perfectionist who fights to get the best out of anything I do be it working on a software project, an event a personal activity or sport.

My Sessions

Challenge yourself! Success is just beyond the threshold

I see all around me testers under a lot of pressure to perform above and beyond the task of validating a set of requirements or scouting for bugs. I see them pushed to act as DevOps / RA / process owners and everything in between. They are challenged to go out of their comfort zone […]