Arkadiusz Frankowski

Arkadiusz Frankowski is a Test and Senior Software Architect at Kimputing Inc., and is known for mixing fun into the serious world of software testing. Arkadiusz is responsible for the continued development of the CenterTest automation framework and makes it work like magic but a joy to use. He spends his days exploring new technologies to keep CenterTest ahead, making sure that quality is more than just a checkbox. Two such examples are adding performance testing, giving CenterTest the ability to directly use functional tests for performance testing purposes, and Report Portal, providing CenterTest with a built-in test manager.

With 13 years in testing, Arkadiusz knows that test automation is about smart testing, not just scripting. He is known for his approachable leadership style, his knack for making complex ideas accessible, and his commitment to continuous improvement in every aspect – be it technical skills, knowledge, or the latest industry practices.


My Sessions

[Tutorial] Reimage Test Automation

Many organizations struggle to maintain automation frameworks that deliver actionable business outcomes. CenterTest solves this by merging UI, API, Performance testing, and more into a unified, stable framework using Java and OO principles. Join us for guided practice and a free 2-year license to CenterTest to learn how to revolutionize and future-proof test automation for […]