Ash Winter

Consulting Tester

I’m Ash Winter, an independent tester and conference speaker. My formative years as a consultant gave a broad background in software development. Experience in testing, performance engineering, and automation of both build and test. I even spent a while being a Scrum Master and Product Owner. This set me up for a move into the crazy world of start-ups, which left me with a tale or two to tell. After exploring all these options, I decided that focusing on testing was my path and I work for myself now.

Spending my time speaking, training, writing, performing testing for clients, coaching when invited to find answers to difficult problems.

In order for testing to advance as a craft, I believe in a strong focus on community. Sharing knowledge and skills within and across organisations is key to helping everyone to be the best they can be. To this end, I am very proud to say I’m a co-organizer for the Leeds Testing Atelier. A free full day community testing workshop, for all people involved in testing. There are many roles that are involved in testing a product, it is important to hear from all of them to find the information we seek. We are part of a big, wide world of testing, ready to be explored!

My Sessions

Making testability our mission

RTC (Toscanini)

This is a call to action. On our cross functional teams and during our devops transformations we talk about how testing is for the whole team. Quality is everyone’s responsibility. How much are we really doing to make this happen? Often we are working on systems that are hard to test for many reasons, but […]


Improving Testing for Operability

Accenture (Vivaldi)

Reliability, handling failure gracefully and recovering quickly are becoming increasingly important as the software development world adopts DevOps culture and practices. Outages and security failures are big news and many companies are investing heavily to avoid these challenges. Operable systems are easy to deploy and test, provide actionable information about their state and behave more […]

Automation Full Day Tutorial