Ashley Hunsberger

Ashley has decades of testing experience that has evolved into her current focus on enabling engineers to have the environment and support they need to thrive. She has experience in small, medium and large companies, ranging from startups to enterprise with stints in government contracting and private industry.

Her interests have led her to a Master’s degree in Applied Industrial and Organizational Psychology, where she loves to continue to learn about the human experience at work (and how to improve it). Ashley’s guiding principle is people first, and her mission is to leave tech a better place than she found it.


My Sessions

Diamonds in the Rough: Unlocking Our Potential

Have you ever felt… stuck? Or perhaps, as you see a rapidly evolving tech landscape, feel a bit overwhelmed with how to keep up? I know I have. Throughout my career in testing, and now as I focus on engineering enablement, I have constantly had to learn more, do more, and evolve rapidly. Although I […]