Bas Dijkstra

I’ve got 11+ years of experience in automation, helping teams and organizations improve their testing efforts through smart use of tools. I am also an experienced trainer on various subjects related to test automation. I write about my experience, experiments and thought processes both on my own blog as well as for various industry websites.

My Sessions

We don’t need more automation engineers!

Accenture Room (Vivaldi)

Throughout my test automation career, I have seen (and written!) a lot of horribly invaluable test automation. What’s worse, I’m not sure that we’re learning anything from these past failures. Automation engineers that are new to the craft keep on falling for the same mistakes, and organizations seem to become none the wiser either. This […]


Automating your API tests

Accenture Room (Vivaldi)

README: Workshop instructions and prerequisites This full day tutorial introduces the participants to the ‘why?’, ‘what?’ as well as the ‘how?’ of writing automated tests at the API level. We’ll see why writing this type of tests can improve your test automation efforts, how it can help avoid death by Selenium, what you can (and can […]

Full Day Tutorial