Beren van Daele

I’ve been testing for 6 years now, working as a trainer for the past 6 months. Spoke at Eurostar, TestBash and ran workshops at RTC, PTC, Agile automation days,…
Creator of TestSphere 😉



My Sessions

Beware the Pickle

8x8 (Carravagio)

Cucumbers get more pickled than brine gets cucumbered. – Prescott’s Pickle Principle What happens when you travel across Europe in search of ‘The Ultimate Test Story? Well… We’ve done just that! 10 workshops across Poland, Romania, France, the UK, The Netherlands, Ireland,… Can you imagine the kinds of experiences, learnings and tales we’ve encountered? We […]


(Re)invent your test strategy

8x8 (Carravagio)

Testing is a craft, but it is also and for many foremost a job. A job you do day in day out, evolving with all the rituals every employee develops over time. These rituals, together with all sorts of other external factors (deadlines, pressure, etc.) often means that we don’t have a test strategy or […]

Full Day Tutorial