Cassandra H. Leung

Test Architect

Cassandra describes herself as a tester and UX enthusiast, with previous roles including product owner, business analyst, recruiter and international account manager.  She uses her varied knowledge and experience to help her in all aspects of testing.
Cassandra is very passionate about diversity and inclusion, and tries to raise awareness of various social issues relevant to technology.  To this end, Cassandra launched a new collaborative blog series, Identity Stories, in 2019 to amplify the voices of others and shed light on other people’s experiences and perspectives.  She has spoken at various conferences around the world and hopes to inspire others to share their stories too.

My Sessions

Exploring your Distributed System: An Observability Journey

For quite some time software systems evolve into a direction that highly favors distribution. Containerization, cloud native and everything-as-a-service are just a few of the trends impacting the shape of our software stack. This provides many advantages while at the same time introducing a large amount of complexity – a fact, often falling under the […]

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