Catalin Dumitras

Principal Cloud Architect

He’s been with Pentalog for 7 years and in IT for 14.
For large portion of those 7 years he has lead e-commerce teams working for big brands in Europe.
Currently, he’s currently the Principal Cloud Architect in the “Customer Devops” department focusing on AWS where:

  • He regularly discusses with clients about their needs, goals & challenges
  • He advises on what technologies can help customers, teams
  • He creates solution designs
  • He runs the cloud mentoring program

My Sessions

Testing in cloud environments and the need for TestOps

A long time ago in an office not so far away, we were working on an api for a client who set an seemly impossible deadline. There was plenty of overtime and we broke each other’s code with every push. “There’s got to be a better way” I said to myself. And there was! After […]

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