Christian Baumann

Christian is a principal test architect with 15+ years of experience in the field of software testing. He has successfully held different roles in the context of testing: From Test Automation Engineer to Test Team Lead. During his career he worked with various test (automation) tools using programming languages, but also applied certain development/ testing methodologies. Christian is strongly driven by his context, always searching for the best fitting solution for a given situation. HeĀ“s able to understand businessĀ“ and peopleĀ“s problems, and is always eager to learn and improve himself, while staying curios, open minded and willing to share his knowledge.


My Sessions

[Tutorial] Building a modular API test framework

Nowadays more and more testers use GUI tools to do their API testing, which is a good thing, as these tools provide a low-level, yet powerful entry into the topic. A programmatic approach to API testing is even more effective: The full potential of a programming language, combined with certain tools & libraries, provides nearly […]


Unfacepalm Your Test Automation

Test automation is often seen as a silver bullet to solve many problems in software development: It is supposed to speed up test execution, find more bugs than manual testing, decrease release time and increase test coverage, just to name a few. But why do a lot of test automation initiatives fail or donā€™t deliver […]

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