Christian Vogt

Tester and SRE

I am a software tester with focus on automated GUI and webservice testing. I have a PhD in physics and I am also a professional storyteller. Together with my wife, I write short stories, novels (e.g. Wasteland; Die dreizehn Gezeichneten; Die zerbrochene Puppe), and design games (e.g. Aces in Space; Eis&Dampf; Scherbenland; Role Inclusive). Genres are fantasy, historical, steampunk, and science fiction. Some of our works were rewarded with the Deutscher Phantastik Preis (German Fantasy Award) and the Deutscher Rollenspielpreis (German Roleplay Award).

My Sessions

Track 2 – The (S)Heroic Tester’s Journey – Storytelling in Software Testing

Human beings are natural storytellers. As a survival strategy, evolution enabled us to learn and grow from stories (“Don’t eat the red berries!”). The world is full of stories, and they affect our behavior significantly every day – for the better or the worse. As in all areas of life, in software development decisions are […]


Open Panel – Inclusion in testing

Despite international conversations about inclusion and diversity in tech, various groups are still underrepresented, underpaid and often discriminated against in the tech industry, numbers show. Vera invites her guests to a conversation on the topic. Let’s hear the struggles, let’s listen to happy ending stories from our guests and find out what we all can […]