Ciprian Balea

Senior QA Automation Engineer

In more than a decade of professional software testing, I’ve worked on all kinds of projects and automated them all: desktop, web, mobile, small to enterprise level apps.

A couple of years ago I decided I had enough of the 9-5 office life and quit my job. Since then I’m having a blast working remotely with some of the best engineers on the planet, while traveling the world.

I’m also involved in various volunteer projects as well. I speak publicly almost every week, usually in front of dozens, a few times per year to hundreds of people and once even to a crowd of 3000. I’ve spoken at RTC before, in 2014.

Just watch and let monkeys test for you

45 minutes track

Just watch and let monkeys test for you

iQuest (Verdi)

Following an unscripted test path, an exploratory session is always good to identify crashes, hangs or less obvious bugs. The more exploratory testing you do, the better, since your chances of finding a great bug increase. But we don’t really have the time or manpower to do a lot of exploratory testing. In addition, since […]