Cristina Serban

Head Of Quality Assurance

I have over 10 years experience in Test and Test Automation, part of multiple projects in the domains of medical research, security, visualization of work spaces, CRM and many others.

I am always trying to find the right path to „Mecca in Testing”, recognizing the need of a common agile mindset across organization (top-down and across teams) with the objective of creating an effective environment. “Start with the end in mind” is my favorite statement and I apply it from planning a user story until implementing it, creating test strategies, test automation frameworks while integrating the concepts of TDD, BDD, CI, CD, DSL and many more.

My Sessions

Automating the Automation using AI

Room 1

Despite the broad research activities in many industries, AI / ML applications do not seem to be present in software test automation. But the use of new technologies such as “artificial intelligence”, “machine learning” and “data science” makes it possible to achieve a significantly higher degree of automation in the overall process of test automation. […]

Automation Track