Dan Billing


Dan Billing has been working in software engineering and testing teams for over 20 years, as an engineer, leader, and consultant. His deep enthusiasm for learning, and supporting the learning of others drives his passion for the testing community.

Dan has spent many years learning and specialising in application security. He is an advocate for incorporating security into the day-to-day work of software engineering teams, through Exploring Security. Recently he has returned to focusing on delivering software quality, leadership and technical learning after a period of great change in his life.

Dan is currently working with a fantastic team at Microsoft Azure for Operators, successfully delivering the Azure Private 5G Packet Core project.


My Sessions

Dan Billing Talk | Exploring Security

The objective of the session is highlighting the challenge of exploring security risks within software engineering teams, and enabling engineers and leaders to be able to tackle that challenge.
Recommended for Junior testers, Mid testers, Senior testers & leads, managers.

Talk Room 2

Dan Billing Tutorial | Exploring Security

Exploring Security is a workshop that delves into the exciting but often complex world of security testing. Attendees will be able to identify, exploit and communicate potential threats risks and vulnerabilities to a vulnerable application.
Recommended for junior testers, mid testers, senior testers & leads, managers.