Dana Aonofriesei


Director of Engineering at Trustpilot, based in Copenhagen, with 11 years experience in software development, leading teams and scaling systems. During this time I tried different roles and assignments, such as Quality Engineer, Software Analyst, Head of Product Quality, Engineering Manager and now Director of Engineering, in areas like banking, e-procurement, e-commerce .

My positive attitude and tireless energy were always on my side, helping with managing disruptive change, adopting new technologies and getting things done.

In my free time, I enjoy hiking or just walking. A fun fact about me: I can do handstand pushups.


My Sessions

Welcome & Conference Kick-off

Join us in the conference OuterSpace track as we gather to set the tone for another day of exploration, collaboration, and learning. With the energy of Day 1 still coursing through our veins, we stand on the edge of new findings and insights waiting to be uncovered.