Daniel Mondria

Software Engineer

I’ve been working as a QA in Agile companies for the last 5 years. During this time, I’ve been exposed to different testing approaches, including TDD, BDD, testing tools to track test cases, automating, manually testing, exploratory testing

Previously I was a developer for slightly more than 15 years in various companies and industries. I believe this wide background and my experience in different environments, particularly in my current position at ThoughtWorks, where TDD is fully applied and QAs can have different challenges will result in an interesting learning session about the QA role in Agile environments.

My Sessions

DEV+QA not an odd couple

Who said a team should have Developers on one side and QAs in the other? Developers and QAs can work together as a pair in strong collaboration at all levels. In this talk I’ll outline the approach I’ve followed to accomplish this in the teams I’ve worked with. I’ll walk you through 3 different phases […]

Collaboration Track