Daniel Nilsson

Daniel has been working with software testing in the automotive industry for more than 20 years where the last 6 years has been with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems(ADAS) and Autonomous Drive(AD). These systems are complex with several layers of AI based components and has given me a lot of insights in the field of AI based systems and the challenges that I address in my paper. From a Speaker perspective he has been speaking at several International Testing conferences is an educator or runs workshops in the local testing community as well as within the global organizations(customers) that he works for.


My Sessions

Bring the tester’s toolbox to the world of AI-based systems

Systems and software based on artificial intelligence is becoming a more and more natural part of our society and our daily lives. Still there seem to be a hurdle for traditional software testers to cross over and to start exploring this new world. In this paper I would like to lower that hurdle by looking […]

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