Emily Bache

I am a consultant at Pragma, specialized in Automated Testing, handling Legacy code, and training developers in skills around Test-Driven Development. I’ve written a book, “The Coding Dojo Handbook”, and some of the material in that book first appeared on this blog. I’m now working on a follow-up book “Mocks, Fakes and Stubs”.


My Sessions

Testing Culture and Helping the Business to Win

NTT DATA Romania (Toscanini)

As a consultant specializing in test automation, I get to see a lot of different workplaces. It’s striking how different the testing culture can be. Some places do loads of exploratory testing, others use formal test plans. Some have extensive automated test suites, and rely on developers to do most of the testing work. Others […]

Creativity Keynote

Testing in Continuous Delivery

NTT DATA Romania (Toscanini)

By mixing theory with hands-on exercises, this workshop should provide participants with a better understanding of the material than simply reading a book or watching videos of presentations. These are the kinds of outcomes I’m planning for: Understand the test pyramid and relative merits of different kinds of tests. Understand how to set up your […]

Full Day Tutorial