Faiza Yousuf

Product Management Consultant and Community Leader

I have a master’s degree in Computer Science and Information Technology with majors in Business Process Re-engineering & Software Project Management with 9+ years of experience in Black Box Testing, Project Management and Requirement Analysis.

From the past 3 years I have been working as an independent Technology and Business Consultant, helping small businesses and entrepreneurs in embracing Technology for running efficient business operations.

I love to teach and train and this made me dedicate a few hours of my time every week to teach at our local private/public universities. I have also been training budding techies and professionals on Change Leadership, Project Management, Team Building, Business Process Reengineering, Software Testing and Quality Management.

Recently, I worked for a project called Business Incubation Program for Women Home Based Workers. It was an initiative by IBA Amen CED in collaboration with the Aurat Foundation under their Gender Equity Programme (GEP) sponsored by the USAID. The program had two cohorts, one in Karachi and another in Quetta. I worked as an IT skills trainer for this program and development curriculum along with facilitating onsite workshops.

My Sessions

Inspirational Keynote

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