Gabriela Ciucanu

Senior SDET/ Mindfulness and meditation teacher

My profession is Software developer but I’ve been a mindfulness practitioner for 7-8 years. I always enjoyed learning and trying various practices, eager to discover more about this world of mind and body connection. 2 years ago I became certified mindfulness and meditation teacher and I started teaching and leading meditations, mindfulness workshops, and masterclasses. My sessions help participants see how small actions can have a big impact on their lives, to bust the myth of mindfulness being a topic that they are “not into”.

My mission is to help to share simple tips that anyone can apply in their daily life. I believe that IT is one place where we really need to learn how to unwind, unplug and clear our heads from the massive quantity of information that is coming to us through all the screens in front of us.

My Sessions

How to boost performance at work using simple mindfulness techniques

Now, more than ever, we tend to get into a monotonous routine in our everyday life. Work blends with the rest of the day and there is no clear boundary between them anymore. We end up overwhelmed, overworked and tired. Because of this, we become less productive and less motivated.

Growth Improvement Skills Track B