Gem Hill

Hi, I’m Gem (they/them), and I’m the founder of SelfCare Backpack, a company focused on self care for people in tech.

Why people in tech?

I worked in tech for a decade before becoming self employed in Feb 2023, so I have experience in managing your well-being and self care while working in fast paced, highly cognitive work environments, where you’re at your screen for most of the day.

What do you offer?

I’m glad you asked. I do workshops, talks, and individual self care coaching. I’ve done workshops on self care and journaling, shame and sitting with feelings. I’ve done talks on self care, anxiety, and how to support employees.


My Sessions

Looking under the surface

Empathy is an innate trait, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be practiced and strengthened. In this workshop, we’ll build a picture of what empathy is, what it looks like, and how to practice it in your day to day life. Empathetic communication can help you have more meaningful and productive conversations by allowing you […]

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