Hugh McCamphill

Test Engineering Manager

Hugh has been involved in a testing related role for nearly 15 years. While interested in all areas of testing, he has a deep specialism in test automation. He is currently a Test Engineering Manager with ShopKeep in Belfast.

He is also keenly involved in the testing community, being the organiser of the Belfast Selenium Meetup since 2013, and helps to organise the Software Testing Clinic in Belfast.

Knowing your automation

45 minutes track

Knowing your automation

RTC (Toscanini)

Joel Spolsky famously wrote in 2002 that “All non-trivial abstractions, to some degree, are leaky.” This of course doesn’t mean that abstractions are bad – in fact we wouldn’t be able to do anything non-trivial without them – but instead that we need to understand the underlying mechanism to be able to use the higher […]

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