Julia Harrison

Head of Product

I’ve been working in tech teams for over 20 years and with Agile and DevOps since 2012. I’ve been presenting at conferences for a few years, and my version of this talk aimed at product managers has been popular enough that I’ve been asked to deliver it three times at conferences this year.

I had the privilege of working with some thought leaders in testing at eBay (2017-2019), and realised the same principles can be applied by quality leaders and embedded testers to tackle similar challenges, e.g. working with a dev team who may – at first – seem reluctant to take advice from anyone who doesn’t have the same coding skills as they do!

My Sessions

Being Awesome to Work With

Your team is full of people who are good to work with, right? But wherever you are in your agile journey, could there be subtle, everyday behaviors that undermine trust and prevent you from achieving your full potential? Based on comedy improvisation, this is a fun, full-participation workshop exploring how people behave at work. You’ll […]

Collaboration Track