Kevin Harris


Here are a variety of facts about Kevin. Bizarrely enough, they’re all true…

  • Kevin has been involved in Testing for more than 20 years. He’s still learning…
  • Kevin once played the British number one rated chess grandmaster, and didn’t lose.
  • Kevin is not a big fan of tomatoes.
  • Kevin has a YouTube playlist that’s been viewed a third of a million times.
  • A painting of Kevin hung on display in the Royal Academy of Arts for many months.
  • Over a two year period Kevin watched more than 1200 films.
  • Kevin once went on a team building event to Vienna, where his team drank all the port in the hotel.
  • Kevin had his own library built in his garden as he had too many books.
  • Kevin is mildly allergic to cats.
  • Kevin writes comedy in his spare time and has been a finalist in competitions run by the BBC and BAFTA.
  • Kevin once participated in RTC XTestathon event and almost won!
  • The best bug that Kevin ever found only ever occurred on Friday afternoons.

My Sessions

The Tech Leader Portrait

“The Tech Leader Portrait”, aka Oprah for Techies, focuses on the background of tech leaders from different emerging technologies. While Fabian’s daily interview series on YouTube is about business & tech, and touches the background only a bit, we dive deeper into this more personal dimension here to find out how tech leaders became who […]

Track A

Automating the Automation with AI

To keep up with today’s fast-paced software development world, automation is essential to provide rapid feedback on software quality. One of the key drivers for businesses to succeed is the need for faster time to market and lean quality assurance. That’s why processes throughout the entire test lifecycle must be accelerated through advanced intelligent automation, not only the text execution part.

Automation Track A