Kevin Harris

I’ve been testing for almost 20 years now, in a variety of different industries – Travel, Government, Medical, High Street, Marketing and Communications. I converted to Agile about 10 years ago, and am now an advocate, especially with regards to pushing testers forward to be more vocal within development teams, and more proactive earlier in the SDLC.

My first speaking conference was 2015 Eurostar. Since then I’ve talked at Agile Testing Days, UKStar, TestBash Brighton, Nordic Testing Days, UKTMF and done a Test Huddle Webinar.

My Sessions

Testing in a Research Team – How can you use Agile when you have no fixed Requirements and produce no Production Code

Accenture Room (Vivaldi)

I’m currently testing in a Research team – a team that thrives on experimentation and doesn’t produce any Production Code. This talk will cover how this differs from testing in a standard team, as well as covering how introducing Agile techniques is helping the team work in a more focused, collaborative way. This was a […]