Kim Filiatrault

Starting in IT in 1985 with small jobs, Kim Filiatrault quickly made his mark at the Alberta Government’s technical team before going independent in 1989 to focus on generative technologies and test automation. This led to global recognition and international speaking engagements with IBM around Visual Age Generator Templates (VAGT) and his adaptations to it. His innovative pairing of technologies became vital for numerous companies, broadening his international clientele. When IBM dropped its tech in 2006, Kim switched gears to Guidewire consulting, where he excelled in high-risk projects while pushing the envelope with development and automation innovations.


Outside of work, Kim loves rock crawling with his Jeep Wrangler, which, believe it or not, mirrors his work life. Both demand precise decision-making capabilities and the ability to adapt. When rock crawling, the wrong equipment or not correcting when you’re on the wrong path can result in serious damage or injury. In IT, the wrong technology and not course-correcting can result in project delays, quality issues, and cost overruns, also financially devastating for companies. This parallel drives home the point: being ill-prepared in rock crawling or software projects can lead to major setbacks. It seems Kim is always looking for a challenge, and for ways to improve the journey.


My Sessions

[Tutorial] Reimage Test Automation

Many organizations struggle to maintain automation frameworks that deliver actionable business outcomes. CenterTest solves this by merging UI, API, Performance testing, and more into a unified, stable framework using Java and OO principles. Join us for guided practice and a free 2-year license to CenterTest to learn how to revolutionize and future-proof test automation for […]