Lalitkumar Bhamare

For the past 15 years, Lalit has been a driving force in the realm of test engineering and software quality leadership. His expertise spans the entire spectrum of testing, from conceptualizing to the post-production phases of software delivery.

Currently serving as a Manager at Accenture Song, Lalit wears multiple hats, simultaneously leading the Innovation and Thought Leadership group for Quality Engineering Services at Accenture DACH. This strategic role encompasses operations across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Lalit excels in leveraging testing as a catalyst for business and digital transformation, a skill that has earned him acclaim in the form of his proprietary delivery framework, Quality Conscious Software Delivery (QCSD). This framework received prestigious recognition at the EuroSTAR 2022 International Conference in Copenhagen.

A long-time active contributor, Lalit is recognized for his noteworthy contributions to the community. From his non-profit publication, “Tea-time with Testers,” to his role as Director at the Association for Software Testing, and his engagements as an international keynote speaker and testing thought leader, Lalit has left an indelible mark.

Throughout the past decade, Lalit has collaborated closely with industry experts and leaders worldwide, actively propelling the craft of software testing forward.

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