Laurent Bossavit

Laurent Bossavit is a consultant and Director at Institute Agile in Paris, France. An active member of the agile community he co-authored the first French book on Extreme Programming. He is also the author of “The Leprechauns of Software Engineering”.

Working within the framework of agile software processes, Laurent consults with software companies to help them achieve project effectiveness through clear and intentional conversations.  He creates stronger links between the business and research communities interested in Agile approaches, and provides stronger empirical evidence for the benefits of Agile practices.

Agilist interested in testing, thinking critically about the software professions since 2000.


My Sessions

Perpetual Infancy – why software doesn’t seem to be growing up

8x8 (Carravagio)

We are told many things about the software professions. We are told that we can innovate humanity’s way out of looming environmental disaster; we are told that software is eating the world and that its masters are “the new kingmakers”. We are told to embrace change, and we want to believe. We need to believe […]

Keynote Trending

Thinking Critically About Numbers: Defence Against the Dark Arts

8x8 (Carravagio)

Numbers, models, and measurements are often used to describe. Just as often, they are used to persuade. Sometimes, they are used to intimidate. Testers must be able to look at information, claims, and evidence critically, in order to avoid being fooled or bullied. They must apply critical thinking to their own observations, interpretations and reports, […]

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