Lena Pejgan Wiberg

I have 20+ years of experience building software. Half of it in coding, half in testing and/or organisational development. I have published a book and a card deck on the topic and I am a well-known and appreciated speaker and facilitator. :-)

My Sessions

What I thought I knew about the Status of Testing

Endava (Verdi)

Over the years I have come to meet many misconceptions of testing, like “Testers are failed Developers” and “Your salary increase will drop as a tester” . I will share how I have approached them and how I have worked to change the view of skilled testing, one team at a time.


[Tutorial]Testing Techniques and Heuristics in practice

Endava (Verdi)

We will use (some of) the weapons, tools, and traps from the Would Heu-risk it? (cards and book) as the basis and mix short bursts of theory with exercises and discussions and covering the development cycle from start to finish.