Maik Nogens

Maik works as a consultant, where he focuses on the agile aspects of software testing.
Maik has 20+ years of work experience including the military, the Middle East and different industries.

His passion is to support the profession of Testing.
Maik is the co-founder of two international peer workshops, GATE and PotsLightning.
He facilitates several German and English speaking testing communities in Germany.
In 2014 he designed the Software Testing World Cup (STWC). This global event runs like the Olympics every two years.
Besides being a black belt in the Miagi-Do School of Software Testing, he attended the BBST course, is a practicing testing trainer, conducts dojos and workshops for Kanban, SCRUM and other agile areas.

My Sessions

Testing VR – The Testing Trinity

NTT DATA Romania (Toscanini)

This talk focuses on VR and what is “new” for testers. While software and hardware as testing areas are kind of “known”, in VR the immersion of the human in the middle is “new” and needs different testing approaches. How the human reacts physically and psysically brings new challenges. From Motion sickness over whole immersion […]


Ethics in software testing – from theory to practice [2hrs]


Often presentations about Ethics in software development and testing stay on a theoretical level. If one cares about his topic and wants to become an ethical software tester or developer that’s not enough. Everyone needs to prepare oneself to be able to respond to ethical dilemmas properly. This workshop will enable participants to prepare themselves […]