Maryam Umar

Head of Quality Engineering

I work in London as Head of Quality Engineering at a Fintech firm called Thought Machine. I started my career thirteen years ago as a QA test engineer in the finance and mobile industry. After transitioning to the eCommerce sector, I performed QA in various capacities for online restaurant and travel services. I continue to work in QA as a manager now with special focus on sustainable delivery practices. In addition to this, I have been a keen advocate of creating and sustaining diverse teams. As I have transitioned in my career, I have found that creating teams which work well together is more challenging than the actual project(s) to be delivered by the team. I pay special attention to team dynamics and ensuring engineers are in roles which give them a sense of purpose.

My Sessions

How I used Kanban to improve my mental health

I will share some tools everyone can use to understand what areas can be used for improvement which will largely impact your throughput in your professional life. I will also discuss how to regain focus and concentrate on producing high quality deliverables.

Improvement Mental health Track B