Mike Lyles

Director of QA & Project Management

My name is Mike Lyles and I am an international keynote speaker, author, writer, and blogger.  I have been working in IT since 1993.

I have always had an intense passion to mentor, coach, and guide others to grow professionally. It is fulfilling to witness the look on people’s faces when you are able to share with them something that is enlightening.  I want to be remembered for the way I made others feel when they were around me!

I am currently working on a leadership book to be completed this year, called “The Drive-Thru Is Not Always Faster“ – TheDriveThruBook.com

Testing Like A Kid

45 minutes track

Testing like a kid

From 1952 to 1970, Art Linkletter was the host of a TV show called “House Party”. In this TV show, he had a segment called “Kids Say the Darndest Things”. He would ask children simple questions, after which he would receive astounding responses. The humorous and surprising responses clearly showed that children many times see […]

Creativity Growth Track

Visual Testing: It’s Not What You Look At, It’s What You See

How many times have you driven all the way home, only to realize you didn’t remember anything from the drive. Your mind was in a different place, and you were driving on autopilot. Or maybe you walk out to your garage and get in your car every day and are so used to the surroundings […]

2h Workshop