Niels Doorn


Niels Doorn is a PhD Student at the Open Universiteit at the Faculty of Science and works as a Team Leader / Lecturer Researcher at the NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences.
His research focus is on ways to improve software testing in different computer science educational contexts.
His professional educational career started at the college for further vocational education where he became a part-time lecturer in software programming.
The opportunity to set up a new program in software development, made him choose to become a full-time lecturer.
After developing a program to train game developers, and finishing his master at the Open Universiteit, he continued to pursue his career in higher education and research.


My Sessions

Martijn Pomp & Niels Doorn Talk | Software Testing Education is like going on an unsuspected hiking adventure

We want to give some insights in the challenges we need to overcome when we are teaching software testing to our computer science students. We use a metaphor, going on a hiking adventure unprepared, based on our own experiences (we went on a hike after last year’s RTC). We also want to share our ideas and insights based on the research we are doing on improving software testing education, and ask the community for feedback, suggestions, and ways to go forward.
Recommended for Junior & Mid testers.

Talk Room 3