Paul Holland

Track chairperson

With more than twenty-six years’ experience in software testing, Paul Holland is a Principal Test Architect at the Hudson Bay Company. Prior to joining HBC in May 2021, he was a Senior Director of Test Engineering at Medidata for over 4 years. Previously, he spent two years as head of testing at a small consultancy, two years as the principal consultant/owner at Testing Thoughts, and seventeen years at Alcatel-Lucent.

Paul specializes in adapting testing methodologies to reduce waste and to increase effectiveness and efficiency. He finds ways to reduce documentation by documenting only what needs to be documented, modifying reporting of test activities to provide actionable information to stakeholders, and reducing or eliminating potentially harmful metrics. Prior to becoming involved in Software Testing, Paul was a Sea King helicopter pilot for the Canadian military.

Paul is one of five instructors of the Rapid Software Testing course, developed by James Bach and Michael Bolton.


My Sessions

Welcome & Conference Kick-off

Join us in the conference OuterSpace track as we gather to set the tone for another day of exploration, collaboration, and learning. With the energy of Day 1 still coursing through our veins, we stand on the edge of new findings and insights waiting to be uncovered.


[Tutorial] Testopsy – dissecting testing

In the dynamic landscape of software development, understanding the intricacies of testing is crucial for delivering robust and reliable products. Enter the world of “Testopsy” – an innovative approach that involves dissecting testing sessions to extract profound insights and refine testing strategies. A Testopsy is akin to an autopsy, but it is not about post-mortem […]