Petra Bouskova

QA Coordinator

One person. Four years. Petra has been working as Test Engineer, Test Consultant, Test Strategist, Deputy Test Manager, Test Coordinator and Test Analyst. This girl is challenge-seeking enthusiast.

This year she changed the field from automotive to financial and banking services and has ended up in testing Apps. From strict following of german V-Model to passionate Mexican Agile. From testing cars to testing Web applications. Her passion is to enthuse, excite and inspire people to develop their skills and careers.

Besides being active in software testing, Petra works as a professional Soft Skills Trainer leading intern and external workshops across Europe. Her most successful and favorite workshops are focused on ‘Presentation’, ‘Public Speaking’ and ‘Motivation’.

Easy Guideline for the four colours of every team!

45 minutes track

Learn to become a public speaker

Endava-United Business Center

You. You right there. Yes, you! You have a fantastic story inside you, and you’re struggling on how to get that story out to others in your community—but you’re scared, and you don’t know where to start. This workshop will take you on a journey, figuratively and literally, to helping you understand how you can […]

Full Day Tutorial Unconf

Easy Guideline for the four colours of every team!

iQuest (Verdi)

“Petra, you will lead a team of 10 guys, Senior Software Testers, they perform very well, but they have some communication problems. Make a team from them quickly.” Our first Stand Up? Charlie slammed the door shouting that he needs clear instructions and doesn’t want to waste his time brainstorming on stupid meetings. Lucas stood […]

Growth Leadership Track