Radu Alexandru Cusmaru

System Validator

I have a 10+ years experience in safety critical software and system testing, integration and validation. I am a passionate tester which is always looking for a way to improve his testing skills.

I started as a QA Engineer here in Cluj-Napoca, went to Tester, Software Validator, System Validator, Test Manager. Today I am responsible for the generic ETCS (European Train Control System) system integration at Siemens Mobility GmbH in Braunschweig.

In my spare time I take part to crowd testing and usability projects, play with my kids, watch American Football and enjoy a good craft beer.

Last but not least: this is my first time speaking and I will get help from my 7 years old daughter (she will do the drawings for the presentation).     

Testing biases or biased testing?

45 minutes track

Testing biases or biased testing?

Yonder (Caravaggio)

Tester struggle sometimes not only with the technical challenges of the environment (in) which they test, but also with more abstract questions like: “Why did I not find that bug earlier?”, “Why did I not thought of it?” or “Why do I do not find (the important) bugs?”. As the answers to these questions can […]

Biases Testing Track