René van Veldhuijzen


Coming September René will be active in the field of Testing for a quarter of a century without ever experiencing a dull moment. Having acted in various roles in between such as Academy Coach, Unit Manager and Oracle Alliance Manager, his passion has always remained Software Testing, having done projects and assignments ranging from politically sensitive as a Test Manager to creating Test scripts using Oracle ATS, Selenium or some other interesting tool.

Since 2021 René is known as the Testimist, a Test Positivo describing himself as Enterprise Automation Specialist, combining ubiquitous testing principles with Test Automation and Robotic Process Automation into integrated automation solutions for customers. On the one hand this means analyzing, preparing, developing, and setting up Test Automation, on the other hand getting the attention of non-IT oriented disciplines on Testing and Quality topics (…while making and executing Tests, remains the most fun thing to do…). Talking about Test Automation and the Architecture of it all has brought René on several international stages and at Testing guilds or Centre of Excellences at various large Dutch and global customers.


My Sessions

René van Veldhuijzen Workshop | Play the Game! Test Automation Readiness…….& Dragons.

Based on the talk “Forget Shift Left and Shift Right! Let’s Shift Back”, presented on stages at Accelerate, TAPOST, SeeTEST, Test Automation Days, Targeting Quality and EuroSTAR, this game about being ready (again) for Test Automation was created. 
This tutorial is part of the Experts track, June 6th.

Expert Track Workshops

Expert Track – Open Panel

This conference session features an open panel discussion dedicated to connecting the dots between three enlightening workshops: “How to Offer (Negative) Feedback More Comfortably” “Roll the Marbles! Or How Good Architecture Can Improve Testing” “Test Automation Readiness…& Dragons”. During this panel moderated by RTC2023 chairperson, our guests will provide a comprehensive summary of each session […]

Expert Track Workshops