Rick Tracy

Test Pathfinder

I am a pathfinder, explorer, tester, communicator, facilitator, writer, speaker, father, husband, friend, traveler, gamer, coach and a host of other things all wrapped up into one constantly curious guy. With a background in psychology, business, law, music, biology and tech I try to bring each of my interests together to present unique viewpoints in whatever contexts I find myself in. Above all I love a good story, whether listening to one, telling one, or participating in one.

I currently live in the Netherlands with my wife, twin boys, mother, cats and too many computers.

I have presented at EuroSTAR, UKSTAR, TestNet, Romanian Testing Conference, Polish Testing Cup, Agile Testing Days, RaboSTAR, TestCon Europe among others. Mostly positive feedback from participants, specifically about enthusiasm and engagement

My Sessions

Everything Great About Testing

Being a Tester is great. It’s a rush. For many, it’s a dream job where we get to explore, figure out puzzles and mysteries, and communicate valuable things for our teams, all while accentuating the possibilities. And those possibilities are often boundless.

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