Sanda Pop

Senior Test Engineer

Sanda is an adaptable person, that can wear many hats. In the professional life she is a tester, scrum master, mentor, coder. To her team she is that weird one that likes HP ALM and hates Jira, the test automation tester that doesn’t know Selenium, the one that loves her year goal to keep a presentation on anything and will probably do more than the mandatory one. Outside work she can cook, dance and practice some sports, but as she is not great at any of them she occasionally does some short distance triathlons.

My Sessions

Track 2 – Container Test Infrastructure – Crash Course

Where do you start when you need to write some automated tests. Are you the lucky one that gets to use a framework created by others? Good for you. But when you have to start a new framework, the infrastructure is one of the first steps (after you picked the programming language). As nowadays, every […]


Open Panel – Inclusion in testing

Despite international conversations about inclusion and diversity in tech, various groups are still underrepresented, underpaid and often discriminated against in the tech industry, numbers show. Vera invites her guests to a conversation on the topic. Let’s hear the struggles, let’s listen to happy ending stories from our guests and find out what we all can […]