Sanne Visser

Blockchain Tester

Blockchain tester. I won the EuroSTAR Rising STAR award for my efforts to expand awareness of blockchain and testing.

I spent the past year working on blockchain-based software and it’s implementation.

Seven Beasts of Blockchain Implementation

45 minutes track

Seven Beasts of Blockchain Implementation

RTC (Toscanini)

Can you test a blockchain application before it is built? You can! However, blockchain has several difficult hurdles to overcome that are specific to this innovative technology. This talk is a list of seven ‘beasts’ I faced while implementing blockchain technology. Everybody loves a list, right? Seven roadblocks that for some projects were the death […]

Blockchain Track

Testing and debugging blockchain applications


Blockchain technology is more than just a buzzword. Every month, more and more companies are starting to develop real-world use cases with distributed-ledger technology. Although Bitcoin – the best-known blockchain application – has been around since 2009, this is still a very new area of software development, and the landscape is changing rapidly, making it […]

Blockchain Full Day Tutorial