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Santhosh Tuppad has been passionate software tester for nearly 8 years now and his roles include being a software tester who executed test cases always, and then moved to become an entrepreneur where he had a role of exploratory tester, automator for web, and was responsible for leading security testing practice in his first testing startup. And then he moved on to start his second testing company where he also played a role of tester, lead, manager, HR and everything that he could do in the startup culture.

He also loves solving problems in testing and loves the community for it’s greatness.

Complete detailed profile with lots of incompleteness can be found at: https://www.slideshare.net/SanthoshTuppad1/santhosh-tuppad-profile-entrepreneur-software-tester-ethical-hacker-fighter-of-world-peace-privacy-protector-and-more

My Sessions

Mindset Over Skillset: Got Hacker Mindset? Testing IoT Security Shouldn’t Fear You

Betfair Room (Verdi)

Most of us have fear when we have spent so much of time in doing something and all of a sudden we are made to embrace a new change which could be in terms of technology. Recently, IoT, AI, ML and Automation have been great subjects and are made to be believed by testers as […]


Web & Android: Application Security Testing For Newbies – Basics to Advanced

Betfair Room (Verdi)

Workshop prerequisites: Participants can bring Windows or Mac (preferably) laptops with “Burp Suite Community Edition” installed Abstract Everyone loves Hacking / Penetration Testing / Security Testing, but most of them are clueless about how to start. Be it knowing HTTP requests/responses or be it access control, database hacking, session management; we are going to learn […]

Full Day Tutorial