Santhosh Tuppad

Santhosh Tuppad is an intrinsically motivated and passionate software tester whose specialty is security testing apart from his love for exploratory testing and check automation. He became a hacker at the age of 16 and he has a variety of experiences through hacking and he loves to speak about his transformation from unethical hacker to ethical hacker. Santhosh having unethical hacker experience before transforming as an ethical hacker knows about how his enemies (black-hat hackers) function and how he can help companies to work on safeguarding the application and making it highly difficult for black-hat hackers to compromise the application.

Apart from this, Santhosh is also OWASP CheatSheet Series Contributor and likes to call himself “Privacy Fighter” because he cares for the people.

My Sessions

[Tutorial] Kickstarting “Web Security” Testing (Ethical Hacking)

In this tutorial of 5 hours, I intend to help you with security testing philosophy, mindset, and generating ideas while performing (tool-assisted) tests. I will also speak about dangerous Attacks as they are important for any web application to have these security controls.