Santhosh Tuppad Enache

Ethical Hacker

Santhosh has worked as a Passionate Software Tester for nearly a decade now and his passion has just increased day by day.

He has been a Functional Tester, Automator, Security Expert, Trainer & A Coach. He loves identifying new areas in his specialties and dig deeper to understand different aspects of Testing. He loves being hands-on and he is proud to call himself “Computer Engineer” as a whole who loves Computers in general and loves to deep dive in learning more about them. Not to forget that he is also a OWASP Contributor and has experience of running many meet-ups in his career until date.

He is a laid back human-being and loves to focus on learning more about his life to achieve a “Spiritual Connection” with himself just like “Breathing”. He is fun in every way (At least he thinks that way).

Security Hardening of Web Applications Through HTTP Headers

45 minutes track

Security Hardening of Web Applications Through HTTP Headers

Yonder (Caravaggio)

Traditional Crimes are old, but the Modern Crimes happen with Bits and Bytes. Cyber Weapons are the Powerful Weapons of Malicious Hackers. There are “Security Risks Everywhere & Anywhere”. Multitudes of IP addresses globally means, so many risks that your web application is being vulnerable to. The good news is, with resilient security controls one […]

Security Track

Web Application Security Testing – Mindset to Skillset Journey (Brain-on & Hands-on)


This Security Testing of Web Applications workshop is not yet another run-on-the-mill kind of workshop. The facilitator “Santhosh Tuppad” comes from a “Black Hat Hacker” Mindset, but is a “White-Hat Hacker”. Santhosh is going to start from the minimum basics so that you get the basics and little things right before he takes you through […]

Full Day Tutorial Security