Sasirekha Palanisamy

I’m Sasirekha Palanisamy! I’m 34 years old and currently residing in Stuttgart. I have around 10 years of work experience in quality and testing. In 2021, I came across the topic of digital accessibility. I was shocked to learn that disability numbers (15%) across the world, and I also realized that most people working in web development remain unaware of this topic. I started educating people on the importance of digital accessibility by creating blogs, tech talks and workshops. That’s how my journey on digital accessibility started. I believe it’s possible to make an inclusive world together!


My Sessions

[Tutorial] Digital Accessibility – How to test?

“Digital Accessibility” is no longer a nice to-have feature in our digital world. With emerging laws across EU (EAA), US(ADA – Section 508), and other parts of the world, its extremely important that we ensure the users using our digital applications, products, and services can able to access the information without issues, gets benefited and […]