Sharon Steed


Sharon Steed is an international keynote speaker, author and founder of Communilogue, a corporate empathy and communications consultancy. Sharon is a subject matter expert on empathy at work. She has spoken at companies and conferences from various industries in 17 countries spanning five continents on improving team communication and collaboration through engaging empathy; vulnerability as a professional asset; and has given a TEDx talk on empowering insecurities.

A lifelong stutterer, she uses her speech impediment to both teach what empathy is and inspire audiences to engage in empathy actions daily.

An author and course instructor for O’Reilly Media, Inc., her live online training “Empathy at Work” is held continuously throughout the year and her eBook Empathy at Work is available in the O’Reilly library. Sharon’s course “Communicating With Empathy” is available on LinkedIn.

My Sessions

Engaging Empathy

Everything around us moves so quickly; we are inundated with content, news, ideas and opinions with a ferocious consistency. As we go through our days filled with meetings, emails, conference calls and the tasks of our role, it gets more and more challenging to truly connect with those around us, especially our coworkers. That connection […]


Open Panel – Getting inspiration outside your areas of expertise

We all have moments when we see with different eyes the task at work just because we started a new hobby, we joined the gym or we saw a movie. All the experiences in our life, outside work, can have a good impact in our jobs, just because we discover new perspectives daily. Let’s use […]


Communicating with Empathy

This workshop explores the principles of empathy that foster the best, most productive communication in individuals and on tech teams in the workplace. Participants will take part in interactive games, discussions, and activities to identify their communication strengths and weaknesses; learn the empathy actions they already display and those that they need to incorporate into […]

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