Simon Berner

Test Automation Engineer

I’m a Test Automation Engineer working for House of Test. Driven by the passion for technology and testing, I love to talk, experiment, share knowledge, ideas and thoughts all around it. I love to bring new an innovative ideas in testing to my customer projects. I’m a huge fanboy of BDDGitPair and Mob Programming and passioned of sharing my experiences and knowledge through my website, joining and speaking at meetups, conferences and unconferences. I am involved in testing and development since the year 2010. Currently I am on a #CodingChallenge to #LearnToCode and become a OCA.

My Sessions

Git Like A Pro For Beginners

What is it about? Copying of files in a time-stamped directory or by renaming the files itself is often used to keep older versions. This approach is very common because it looks so simple in the first place, but it is actually incredibly error prone. In today’s world of CI/CD pipelines where new versions of […]

4hWorkshop Technology

Open Panel – Trends in testing

Time flies, business are changing and technology is in the front seat of this ride. Working daily in a field where something on fire today can be outdated tomorrow, it’s important to know the trends, to adapt fast so you can make your life easier. So, let’s find what are the latest trends in testing […]