Simon has founded multiple successful (and even more unsuccessful) startups since his first venture way back in 2004 – when the term ‘startup’ didn’t even exist.

These included one of the UK’s first ever WiFi Hotspot companies. A WiFi Analytics service for the public sector. A company that built a machine learning service to optimise WiFi networks. A humble WiFi installation company. A WiFi / IoT device management service. And the ‘Airbnb for commercial kitchens’ service as a service.

After 16 years fiddling mostly with WiFi, Simon found himself tired of the Internet and so took a year off to focus on triathlon, in particular – the Ironman. Shortly after this, COVID spoiled his year, as it did for most of us.

And so, he found himself a role as the CTO at a Berlin base cryptocurrency exchange.

Still an engineer at heart, Simon spends his day managing the team, building APIs and writing Ethereum smart contracts.

He’s still training for the triathlon season, too.

My Sessions

Thinking outside the box

Simon and Rhian talk about their perceptions of the current tech and testing landscape and put forward the argument that there has never been a more exciting time to work in the industry – as long as you are prepared to embrace change and keep an open mind.

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