Teemu Vesala

Is 42 years old nerd who always wants to learn new things. He started his career in software testing in 2007, but before that he was developer. The last 6 months he’s been more in the DevOps world.

Teemu loves multiple things in the IT-industry. The key phrase is: Do it well at the first time, please. That includes security, performance, architecture, quality… When things are done well from the beginning, plenty of money is saved and frustrations are avoided.

He has been challenged multiple times in various performance testing projects. Most of them have prevented some real life problems. E.g. one global advertising campaign was saved due misconfigurations in the application.  At the another project during testing, performance problem related to misconfigured servers were identified . During the tutorial you will find all the details of his past projects.

In his spear time he loves to read, study, have fun with his teenage kids, love (horror) movies, code, play board games, tabletop role playing games and computer games and cook.

Real life performance testing workshop

Real life performance testing workshop

Web site performance is key aspect of the customer experience in the modern eCommerce world. Performance problems can also cause reliability and security risks. In this 1 day tutorial we will study the different kind of performance risks and problems in modern systems. We will concentrate to the web applications, but same practices apply to […]

Full Day Tutorial