Tobias Geyer


I’ve been working as a tester for more than 13 years. My experience ranges from waterfall environments in big enterprises to small agile teams. I worked on CNC machines, social networks and in the automotive industry. My love to learn and exchange knowledge made me co-found the “Software Testing User Group Hamburg” which I ran until I moved to the other end of Germany. Together with my great team I won the “NRG Global test competition” in 2014 and was a judge in the first Software Testing World Cup.

I love sharing knowledge at conferences.

My Sessions

Witches, Wizards and Testing

Room 3

“Tiffany Aching was the witch, and she had made herself the witch because they needed one. Everybody needs a witch, but sometimes they just don’t know it.” When I read those words in one of the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett my mind started racing. They perfectly describe how I felt during most of my […]

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