Uros Stanisic

Head of Testing

Uros is a software tester, manager, leader and a coach for more than 10 years. He has started as a software testers, not knowing much about the profession and over time gained enough knowledge to establish effective test process within the company. Currently, his position is Head of Testing in Execom, a position he enjoys a lot. Here, he is able to mentor new team members, stay in touch with various teams in the company and assist them in creating efficient and effective strategies on their projects.

My Sessions

Track 2 – Code review is (not) for testers?

Code review isn’t something testers discuss often. This is mainly due to popular belief that it should be reserved for developers and testers are not technical enough to add value to the process. However, when talking about code review for testers, we’re not talking about the “regular” code review developers perform — that should stay […]

Collaboration Track